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Organisational framework related to Planned Land Use

Due to the great number of local and regional authorities involved in and the diversity of the planning systems in Europe, there is often several data providers involved in the implementation of the Planned Land Use (PLU) data model and PLU services.

What kind of cooperation and maintenance agreements/arrangements have you reached?

Is your plan to publish a common INSPIRE PLU service jointly? Or will each data provider publish their own services?


    By Anna WOŹNICKA

    Implementation of FOSS4G to introduce INSPIRE Directive on spatial planning by local and regional authorities


    Introduction of INSPIRE Directive entails costs to be borne by relevant local and regional authorities in all the EU Member States. Much of the  money is spent on purchasing software necessary for processing data on spatial planning.  Although at the moment there  are free applications available on the market, the idea to use them for introducing INSPIRE Directive has not been put  forward so far. Introducing a product/service based on such software to the market will significantly reduce the costs of the  introduction of the Directive, which can contribute not only to wider access to spatial data, but also – in the long run – to the  broadly understood development of the whole EU.  The aim of the project is to show that at the present level of development, free and open-source software can be used for  spatial data processing for the needs of INSPIRE Directive. 


    example of use qgis program:

    Information about the project is available at

  • Lena Hallin-Pihlatie

    By Lena Hallin-Pihlatie

    Hi Anna,

    Thank you for your contribution. Yes, I agree that cost is an important issue, and the usage of open source tools may be one good way to reduce the cost of the implementation. Unfortunately I cannot understand Polish. Do you have some information about your overall framework in English?

    There's an interesting approach also in France, where the technical, organisatorial and legislative framework seem to be nicely brought together to support the delivery of INSPIRE compliant spatial plans.

    Information about the French Geoportal for Spatial Plans and the framework around it can be found here (in English), in a INSPIRE Conference presentation by Francois Salgé (2014), and from the Geoportal itself (in French).

    Best regards,





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