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Advantages and disadvantages of using TIFF/GeoTIFF files to store coverage values

Coverages within the INSPIRE context shall be encoded in GML - completely or partially (several options available: multipart representation, external file encoding, inline encoding) - See this discussion topic.

For the first two options mentioned (multipart representation / external file encoding), a well-known image file format such as TIFF/GeoTIFF shall be used to encode the range set, i.e. the values stored in the coverage. These file formats are commonly implemented and used in Member States for such a purpose.

This discussion topic is intended to pick up a comprehensive list of advantages and disadvantages of using the TIFF/GeoTIFF files to store the values of the coverages (e.g. for Elevation or Orthoimagery data).

Please, feel free to participate with your experience in this topic.

  • Jordi ESCRIU

    In the absence of contributions, I proceed to close this discussion topic.

    Please, feel free to contact me through the plaform in case any of you may want to re-open the thread.


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Elevation, Ortho & Grids

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