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Activity Complex - Facilities Code Lists ( Multiplicity and Registration Procedure )

On Behal of the Spanish team dealing with Industrial Environment and related Data Sets (ie. PRTR):

This post came up as result of a series of meetings hosted by the Spanish Ministry of Environment which is making efforts and progress in order to implement INSPIRE based on the "Production and Industrial Facilities" Data Specifications.

Their main concern is about the registered Code List that should be considered for implemenation as DS was developped at the same time that was the Emissions Directive - DIRECTIVE 2010/75/EU on industrial emissions (integrated pollution prevention and control). IPPC Code List with reference to Regulation 96/61/EC should be replaced by those described under Annex.I in the DIRECTIVE 2010/75/EU. Other Code Lists also mentioned on the Directive should be registered aswell (ie. "List of polluting substances" described in Annex.II of same Directive). Procedures and Channels for Registration and not clear for MS representatives as these are Code List defined and maintained at EU level.

In line with this, another concern is about extensions and particular code list managed at national level in relation with the same scope as is the case for the DEI-PRTR Code List in Spain as extension of the EU PRTR. Again procedures and channels to request the registration are not clear.

As it is possible to categorize a Industrial Facility for more than one of this code lists and even more than one value of each code list. The question is if this is feasible with the current ActivityCode: ActivityCodeValue (0..*) or with the ActivityComplex Function -> Activiyt: Activity Code Value (0..*). This allows multiple values but not to specify the code list  each value belongs to, It has been proposed to define the data type combining Code List + Value where Code List should be an additonal registered code list. Any suggestion about what is best way to deal with this?

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