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EF, O&M and Results Data in other Themes

The topic relates to the scope of EF and in particular whether it does (or should) allow for results datasets to be included as part of the theme.  The scope of the debate is also on this thread

It is also partially related with the discussion "Managing Polymorphism and Duality":

Summarizing, here is the question, as suggested by Keiran Millard in the first mentioned topic:

Should EF data sets contain results of an observation and measurement? In early drafts of EF/OF/MF we looked at a key distinction between EF and OF was that EF should not contain results as this was the provenance of OF. EF describes the observation process only.

Later drafts of EF allow for results to be included. As EF and OF are built on the same O&M (19156) base there is a large overlap between the two. This actually good, but it raises the question as to why we have (need) separate EF and OF data specifications. It may also add confusion if some ocean data is published under EF and some under OF.

Below some more details on this topic.

An example of this can be related to the marine domain: the situation is an observation of the ocean can be published as either an OF or EF dataset.  With OF it is simply the results of the observation; with EF it is details of the observation process along with the results of the observation.  Now both OF (and MF for that matter) use the same O&M patterns as EF so the data in both cases is identical.  However this may be confusing if different organisations in different member states elect to use different themes to publish the same temperature – e.g. air quality.

This is less of an issue where the O&M pattern is used – however not all Inspire themes use the O&M pattern.  Hence the possibility exists for a height data set to be published as an O&M grid in EF (rather than EL) or a biological sample published as an O&M point in EF (rather than SD).  [note – these may not be good examples, but hopefully you get the point].

The main goal using EF should be to describe the observation process, not the results of the observation.  This is done in other Inspire themes.

If looked through the EF guidance and inter-theme linking is not something there is detail on at present.  At the Inspire O&M workshop in Lisbon there was an Air Quality presentation where SOS was used for results and WFS for the FoI; this seemed to be a neat way to manage the linkage between a MF dataset (with the air quality info) and the EF dataset (with the observation process and the FoI). Was that the scope?

Do you have any view or input on this?

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