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Extended US Data Model to manage underground networks

Stefania MORRONE
By Stefania MORRONE Replies (2)

An extended INSPIRE data model for Utility Networks has been created in the frame of the GeoSmartCity EU funded project.

It extends the INSPIRE core Utility Networks schemas, re-using some elements of the extended schemas present in the INSPIRE draft schema repository and adding new elements (FeatureTypes, DataTypes, Codelists, Associations) needed to match data modelling requirements collected in use cases related to the management of underground networks.

View the UML model and download the XSDs.

More information about the development of the extended data model in the webinar available in the INSPIRE_in_pills playlist on the Epsilon Italia YouTube channel

  • Angel LOPEZ ALOS

    By Angel LOPEZ ALOS

    Dear Stefania,

    As Facilitator of this Cluster, first let me thank you for your kindly contribution. Your work and proposal is really valuable so I would like to ask you  if you would allow me to refer to it in differnt forums as good practice for implementation.
     I am sure the material and the outputs of your project will be useful for others so I really encourage you to keep updated this discussion with the different milestones reached by the project.

    Thanks a lot and best regards.

    Angel Lopez.


  • Stefania MORRONE

    By Stefania MORRONE

    Dear Angel,

    it will be a pleasure for me if you refer to my work as a good practice for implementation.

    Thanks for your appreciation.


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