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Koordinierungsstelle GDI-SH
By Koordinierungsstelle GDI-SH Replies (2)

Is there any specification for the Electricity transmission lines lying underground or above-ground? Ans is there any difference specified in the voltage level - something like maximum, high, medium, low voltage?

Thanks and best regards.

  • Angel LOPEZ ALOS

    By Angel LOPEZ ALOS


    There are no dedicated specifications for electricity lines or above-ground. On the "Utility Networks and Governemental Services" data specifications you will find three differnt levels of conceptual models. A common Utilities network model (extended from the generic network model - Chapter 5.7 Pg.52), electricity network model (Chapter 5.8 Pg.70) and the extended electricity model (G.3 Pg.204). At each different level you will find the attributes that should allow you to define your electricity network. (ej. TowerHeight :Length or operatingVoltage :Measure).

    Nevertheless, you could consider the extension of the model for your project. I would recommend you to check the links included on the discussion in referece to this topic submitted in this  forum.

    I hope this can help.

    Thanks a lot and best regards.


  • Koordinierungsstelle GDI-SH

    By Koordinierungsstelle GDI-SH

    Hy again,

    are there any requirements regarding the 'operatingVoltage' and 'nominalVoltage' measure units? Is it Volts, Kilovolts ... any other ?

    Best regards. Kst.GDI-SH

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