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Interpretation of some Transport Properties for TN Railway (and a little bit about RailwayStationNode)

Greetings :)

I am working with the Railway network data for the Norwegian dataset on Transport Network, and have run into a few questions regarding the interpretation/meaning of some of the transport properties. It is not unthinkable that others have done some thinking about my issues already, so I thought I'd check here...

All page references are to the D2.8.I.7 Data Specification on Transport Networks – Technical
PDF document.

Common Transport Elements: AccessRestriction

This has the definition (p.37) of being "A restriction on the access to a transport element". In Norway it is forbidden by law to just walk onto the tracks, and you must be a licenced operator with an approved scedule to drive any vehicles on the tracks. Based on this, AccessRestrictionValue = forbiddenLegally could be considered. On the other hand, most of the railway network is used for public transportation (hence AccessRestrictionValue = publicAccess). Is this property at all relevant for railway networks, or what? I'm leaning towards not delivering any data for this for now...

Railway Transport Network: DesignSpeed

This is defined (p. 73) as "The specification of the maximum speed to which a railway line is designed for." What does this refer to? The maximum speed over which distance? Is it the feature type RailwayLine (i.e. the railway network subtype of LinkSet) so that it is one attribute per RailwayLine with max speed? Based on the defined constraints this does not seem to be the correct answer. 

Speed limits along a line may depend on many factors (condition of the infrastructure, line design etc.) and can also be different on the same track section depending on which direction you drive or what kind of vehicle you operate, so linking this to the operational speed limits seems difficult. How have other railway insfrastructure managers solved this? 

Railway Transport Network: RailwayStationNode

Based on the definition (p. 76: "A railway node which represents the location of a railway station along the railway network.") I have concluded that there should be only one node per station, also in cases where one station serve more than one line/tracks.

The attribute numberOfPlatforms has the definition "A value indicating the number of platforms available at a railway station", but it is not a clear definition. Should it not have been based on number of tracks served?

If we have one physical plattform between two tracks serving both, should not the value of this attribute be 2?

Also, how do freight ramps and loading facilities fit in here?