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Any experiences with transforming urban/spatial planning datasets to INSPIRE?

Dear LU experts,

I copy this request to you all and encourage you to reply:

"Dear colleague,

I'm working in the Spanish NSDI coordination body (CNIG, National Centre for Geographical Information) and I'm also working as a teacher in the Polytechnic University of Madrid.

Now, I'am the tutor of a student who is doing his Master's Thesis on the transformation of urban planning datasets of the Regional Government of Madrid (Comunidad de Madrid) for fulfilling INSPIRE specification requirements.

I would like to ask you if there are any experience or similar work in Europe for interchanging experience and results.

Thanks a lot and best regards,


Best regards,



    By Anna WOŹNICKA


    I have not checked from abroad. The program is based on free and open source software. Geoportals are published on the Polish conditions. We are open and willing to cooperate in non-goverment organization.

    other examples,57

    best regards


    +48 508655541


  • Kai-Uwe KRAUSE

    By Kai-Uwe KRAUSE

    Dear LU experts and colleagues

    in Germany a semantically data model (XPlanung), describing the geometrical and logical content of a spatial plan independent from its graphical representation and an object oriented data exchange format (XPlanGML) is developed since 2003.

    The central goals of XPlanung are:

    •    lossless data exchange between the actors involved in planning processes,

    •    standardised data exchange format for horizontal (intermunicipal) and vertical (planner – municipality – county – federal state) process of coordination of planning,

    •    support electronically assisted proceeding on the granding of planning permission,

    •    standardised data format for e-participation platforms,

    •    semantic description of planning data as a basis for the establishment of services (query, monitoring, reporting) and visualisation in different software applications,

    •    central storage of urban land-use plans / other plans of  special urban planning legislation (e.g. formally designated redevelopment area) in a uniform semantic structure as a data base for different software applications and information systems.

    The developed standard XPlanGML relies on the international standard GML 3.2.1. Schema files are published:

    XPlanGML formalizes all legal regulations relevant for urban planning. Corresponding to German planning law XPlanung standardised data models and data-exchange format (XPlanGML) for:

    •    comprehensive regional planning at federal, federal state and county level (based on framework law “Federal Spatial Planning Act”),

    •    preparatory land-use plan, binding land-use plan, project and infrastructure plan (based on “Federal Building Code”)

    •    landscape programmes, landscape master plans, landscape plans (based on framework law “Federal Nature Conservation Act”).

    The standard XPlanGML represents the planned urban development from a juridical point of view.

    XPlanGML objects have a two dimensional geometrical representation.  The XPlanGML objects and their corresponding attributes represent legal restrictions and regulations.

    Actually in a fedearl working group German experts define rules for transformation XPlanGML files in PLU files. In line with XPlanung colleagues from KIT ( develop a software tool that enables the transformation of XPlanGML files in PLU files:

    best regards


  • Julián DELGADO

    By Julián DELGADO

    Dear Antonio

    In Spain, the CODIIGE council helps to public administration in the adaptation of the Directive. In particular the group of experts for LC/LU themes can guides you in detail about the matter, even a technical document for the transformation have been delivered. I'm its secretary, you can contact with me.

    As summary I can sketch that exercises for transformation of planning LU into INSPIRE have been performed by several regional governments of Navarra or Murcia. At national level the urban competences are lower and its transformation implies few connection with proposed INSPIRE elements.

    Best regards


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