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GeoSciML 4.0 schemas

Lola Boquera
By Lola Boquera Replies (2)

Hi all!!

Have anyone seen the new GeoSciML schemas version 4? I have one doubt about Geomorphologyscheme...Why the multiplicity of the relation: unitDescription  is 0..1? is not valid 0..*?

Thank you very much for the help


    By Carlo CIPOLLONI

    Dear Lola,

    I’m involved in GeoSciML Working group and I’m in charge the geomorphology part, so in order your request about the GeoSciML v. 4.0 schema definition, we have analysed your doubt and to ensure major interoperability and possibility to encoding more units description associated to a landform we are proceeding to change schema from 0..1 to 0..*. The new version 4.0.1 will be available as soon in the next few days.




  • Lola Boquera

    Dear Carlo,

    I'ts so interesting the great  work that  you are developing,

    Thank you very much!



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