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Reference to requirement 3 in section 5.2 in TG page 2?

Hi - a short question:

On page 2 in the PD TG I reads that "Due to the complexity and large amount of statistics describing population, the requirement 3 stated in 5.2 is to provide total population and population by age groups on municipalities and 1km2 grid level." But I cannot find this req. 3 in section 5.2...? I am looking for any requirements and/or recommendation to the expected geospatial reference for PD-data. Thanks in advanced,


  • Bresters PIETER

    By Bresters PIETER

    Dear Lars,

    This requirement was taken out at the very last version against the wish of most of the thematical working group.The argument for removing it was that we were only allowed to describe technical specifications and no restrictions on content. The result is that no one knows how much has to be published for the INSPIRE theme PD.

    My suggestion is to only publish the grid statistics for 1km2 like they are proposed for the Census of 2021 and for the rest we should use the SDMX files already published via Eurostat. If there would be a Table Joining Service like being developed in the ELF project, PD would be covered for the Inspire obligations. The geospatial reference needed is determined by the geocodes as used in the SDMX files.


  • Mirosław MIGACZ

    By Mirosław MIGACZ

    Yes, that's exactly what happened. Population classifications by sex and 5-year age groups and economic age groups were proposed but were pulled from the final version of the DS. What is left are the codelists, for example:

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