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Completely beginner needs help :-)


my name is Elias and I am a master student from germany. I wanted to write my thesis about the INSPIRE statistical units theme. What I try to create is a little plugin to convert ESRI shape files into INSPIRE compliant *.gml files. But I don't know much about gml and INSPIRE yet.

Right now I am trying to understand how a *.gml must look like, to be INSPIRE SU compliant. To do so, I checked this UML diagram ( and tried to build a gml-file that kind of fits. But I did not succeed yet smiley It looks like that:

<gml:FeatureCollection xmlns:xsi="; xmlns:gml="; xsi:schemaLocation="keine Ahnung" gml:id="WFS_RESPONSE">
    <su-vector:VectorStatisticalUnit xmlns:su-vector="; gml:id="=======SOMETHING I DONT KNOW========">
        <grammaticalNumber>singular</grammaticalNumber> <!-- CAN BE LEFT BLANK? -->
      <su-vector:endLifespanVersion><!-- endLifespanVersion eher weg lassen, da unsinn --></su-vector:endLifespanVersion>
        <!-- TM_Period SOMETHING I DONT KNOW -->
        <!-- TM_Period SOMETHING I DONT KNOW -->
        <gml:Polygon gml:id="====SOMETHING I DONT KNOW====" srsName="epsg4326" name="Stadt Weimar">
            <gml:LinearRingSegment interpolation="linear">
                11.171029726 51.0183398263 11.1731082232 51.0180489109 11.1740328116 50.9894036618 11.1682154559,50.9824188968
                11.1648087939 50.9804318913 11.1489357573 50.9746998505 11.1477057605 50.9754085329 11.1468749663 50.9761329522
                11.1321951986 50.9708958993 11.1347869276 50.9488732482 11.1417516953 50.9457488238 11.147058582 50.9392050224
                11.153757284 50.9294769376 11.1542463893 50.9247773152 11.1451061913 50.9247473711 11.1280240113 50.9290698197
            <!--extensibility = any-->
            <!--obligation = implementing rule-->
            <!--vocabulary =;
          <mostDetailedScale><!--The most detailed scale the generaliesed 
            geometry is supposed to be suitable for
            (expressed as the inverse of an indicative scale)-->
          <leastDetailedScale><!--The least detailed scale the generaliesed 
            geometry is supposed to be suitable for
            (expressed as the inverse of an indicative scale)-->

I guess there are some example gml files how a correct INSPIRE SU compliant gml should look like. But the links I found where not helping (at least for me smiley )

So if there was an example that kind of looks like my file and you could post it, I would be really glad.

Thanks a lot in advance


P.S.: Im not sure if this is the right forum to post this topic. If not, im sorry

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