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CDDA data model webinar: presentations and webinar recording link


Hi all

The EEA gave a very informative series of presentation via a webinar related to the EEA pilot project on the review of the Common Database on Designated Areas (CDDA) data model and the Inspire Protected Sites specifications. The presentation were held on the 19thof January, there is going ot be a follow up face to face Workshop in Copenhagen in early February.

The presentations are now available in Eionet Forum:


For those of you who would have liked to participate, the webinar was recorded and it is now available here (full duration 1 hour and 53 minutes):

The password is: cdda2016

You are welcome to share this link with relevant colleagues.

Many thanks to Mette and Darja from the EA and Sabine from ETC.BD fro the presentations and sharing the webinar.

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