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Change request for ParticleSizeFractionType

Mapping German soil fine earth texture into the DS Soil ParticleSizeFractionType, we found that fractionParticleSizeRange is a RangeType, but fractionContent a simple number value. Because we very often do have hand-texture only, it would be helpful to have a RangeType Value for fractionContent as well.

ParticleSizeFractionType is - not by definition, but according to the description - meant for fine earth fractions only. Nonetheless, the situation for coarse fragments is the same as for fine earth fractions - there are many fraction definitions used all over Europe. We suggest to use the same type for coarse fragments as well; percentages should refer to total fine earth as 100 % and total coarse fragment content as 100 %. 


Requested changes:

Description of ParticleSizeFractionType:

Mineral part of the soil, fractioned on the basis of size (diameter), limits of the particles. The type is to be used for fine earth fraction,  that is the portion of the soil that passes through a 2 mm diameter sieve opening, and, independently, for coarse fragments. Percentage is calculated for fine earth and coarse fragments independently, both adding up to max. 100 % for the lower boundary of the fractionContent range value.

The grain (or particle) size distribution characterizes the soil mineral material, based on the share of each equivalent diameter class of the individual particles.



Attribute: fractionContent

Value type: RangeType

Definition: Percentage range of the defined fraction.

Description: Sum of lower values of the ranges for particles <= 2 mm equivalent diameter and > 2 mm should add up to max. 100 % each. 

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