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IUGS-CGI WG - EarthResourceML -portrayal under review - comments needed as soon as possible -two weeks?

By Jouni VUOLLO Replies (1)

The proposal of EarthResource ML portrayal model has been under evaluation via IUGS/CGI EarthResource working group. There are two old proposal candidates – GGIC/Australia-2/2014 and BRGM 2/2015 and now the third on - modified proposal by Mark Rattenbury based on previous models. So few comments and feedback has been come and now I will ask your feedback to the proposal.

What is ERML portrayal: Portrayal delivers a simplified flat view of key elements of the full EarthResourceML data model. It can be used to standardise delivery of mineral resource data via Web Map Services (WMS) and simple features Web Feature Services (WFS SF0). Australian Geoscience Portal will implement adopted model this year.

See the IUGS/CGI ERML WG proposals and please check the models – via and send your comments to me - or via this portal?

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