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BuildingExtended3D schema

By Anna BOBER Replies (1)

I have question connected with INSPIRE schema for extended data models, I am interested in BuildingExtended3D.xsd. On the website there is available schema 2.0 loaded 2012-06-05. Data specification for this theme is in 3.0 version from 10.12.2013.

Will BuildingExtended3D.xsd schema be updated in the near future? Are there any plans in this regard?

  • Michal MED

    Hi Anna,

    It doesn't looks like it's gonna be soon. Approximately year ago I have created schema for BuildingsExtendedBase and BuildingsExtended2D by myself following the specification. Ther was an open discussion at this topic within this cluster, but chemas are located here: If you are interested in schema BuildingsExtended3D, it should not be so complicated to create the XML schema, because it shall inherit from BuildingsCore2D and BuildingsExtendedBase. However, it is not good idea to use older version of the schema, because it has been changed quite a lot since.