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codes for sea regions

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emilio rubiera
By emilio rubiera Replies (2)

hi there,

i'm emilio rubiera working in the FP7 EU project DISASTER. i hope this topic won't be considered out-of-topic (if you will forgive me the repetition) here, but i have a question regarding standard codes used to identify oceans, seas and sea regions.

i'm familiar with the ones used by NATO and also with some others used by FAO, but my question is if within the INSPIRE initiative it is used some other codes to uniquely identify these maritime regions.

thanks in advance


  • Keiran MILLARD

    By Keiran MILLARD

    Hi Emilio,

    SR does allow for the concept of named sea regions (e.g. North Sea) and this can be assigned an ID.  When this was developed we envisaged the IHO gazetter of seas would be used ( to provide the names - and also the coordinates for the sea region.




  • emilio rubiera

    By emilio rubiera

    hello keiran,

    thank you very much for your prompt and useful reply. i remember i had bumped into this some months ago but somewhat i decided to prioritise the NATO and FAO ones.

    No doubt that this seems more complete!


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