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Adding OGC WMS URLs to INSPIRE metadata

By Angel LOPEZ ALOS Replies (2)

As part of the Copernicus Atmospheric Monitoring Service (CAMS) we are  trying to find out if there is an accepted way of encoding WMS online resources in INSPIRE-compliant metadata.
Specifically, we would like to add GetCapabilities and GetMap URLs to CAMS products metadata.

The "INSPIRE Metadata Implementing Rules" document does't go into enough details in reference to mentioned issue. However we found some useful examples and references:

Finally we have opted for something as follow:

        <gco:CharacterString>OGC:WMS-1.1.1-http-get-capabilities</gco:CharacterString>   <!- from list of protocols below ->

Might you please confirm if there is any reference in INSPIRE guidelines to this respect that we might be missing furher than those in ISO19115?  

Do you consider our approach as correct?  Any comments or suggestions?

Thanks a lot and best regards?


  • Jordi ESCRIU

    Hi Angel,

    Do you want to refer the WMS service from the dataset metadata?

    I mean, the Copernicus Atmospheric Monitoring Service (CAMS) could be seen as both, 1) a dataset (served through appropriate spatial data services) and 2) a service (the spatial data services themselves).

    I suppose you are willing to refer the service from the dataset metadata (1) - Please confirm!

    I can show you an example from our Regional Water Management Agency: - This link will show you the data set metadata, where the WMS service is referenced from the metadata element 'MD_DigitalTransferOptions' as part of the 'distributionInfo' section ('MD_Distribution'), using the lements 'CI_OnlineResource' and 'linkage' (as you did). In this case, our agency is just providing the link to the WMS service, not the GetCapabilities request.

    Regarding INSPIRE guidelines, the Section 2.2.4 (Resource locator) from "INSPIRE Metadata Implementing Rules: Technical Guidelines based on EN ISO 19115 and EN ISO 19119" version 1.3, but I think that this is exactly what you already took into account.

    In my opinion your proposal would be valid!



  • Angel LOPEZ ALOS

    By Angel LOPEZ ALOS

    Dear Jordi,

    Thanks a lot for your really valuable comment.

    What we are aiming is to define compliant metadata for the resources provided through the CAMS catalogue. Our first intention was to reference GetCapabilities and Getmap requests independently. The issues was on the ISO 19115 "CI_OnLineResource" Datatype as most of its attributes are defined as "CharacterString". On the links we referenced on our first post there are some list of values potentially used to constraint some of them but these are not official ISO / INSPIRE. Our intention, at least for Copernicus CAMS-C3S is to harmonize the criteria applied at all levels in those grey areas of the standards. Whenever feasible it would be great to share this harmonization criteria with others.

    Thanks a lot and best regards.





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