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PS compliant view service: layer naming, styling and organisation

Dear PS experts,

trying to configure an INSPIRE-compliant view service to serve INSPIRE-compliant Protected Sites (PS) data, we have come across the following questions / issues concerning layer naming, styling and organisation:

According to Article 14 of the Interoperability Regulation (ISDSS), the layers specified in Annex II for the theme with a human readable title and least a default portrayal style shall be available.
For the PS theme, the English version of ISDSS as well as the Protected Sites Data Specification (PSDS) specify a "Layer Type" "PS.ProtectedSite" and a "Layer Title" "Protected Sites".
Having read this post, I assume that "Layer Type" maps to the WMS layer property "Name", and "Layer Title" to the WMS layer property "Title". The German version of the ISDSS specifies the German translation ("Schutzgebiete") of Protected Sites as layer title.
-> Question: should the English or the German title be used for the WMS layer?

The PSDS recommends to provide additional layers with PS-Features classified according to the values of the enumerations / code lists site DesignationValue, DesignationSchemeValue and ProtectionClassificationValue. This makes sense, since a WMS with only the PS.ProtectedSite layer in the default style wouldn't be very informative from a user's perspective. However, the PSDS also suggests a hierarchical layer organisation (cf. image below) - contrary to many other data specs.

-> Issue: The "Aggregated Layers" column contains the "Layer Types" as defined in the ISDSS and PSDS. If these are intended to be named layers (see above) and thus to serve a map and not merely to act as category title, this wouldn't work in practice in my opinion: the same features would be portrayed in different styles on top of each other in the PS.ProtectedSite layer.

Any thoughts on this are highly appreciated!

Best regards

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