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INSPIRE Cadastral Parcels & OGC LandInfra (draft) conceptual model

By Peter PARSLOW Replies (3)

OGC recently put out for public review a well developed draft of their LandInfra conceptual model. They are developing this jointly with Building Smart International, to replace LandXML. It's main aim is to facilitate communication between designers & construction companies, particularly for 'groundworks' like embankments & cuttings.

But it contains a section on land ownership, and interests such as leases, rights, condominiums. When I reviewed it, I thought it has some overlap with INSPIRE Cadastral Parcels. But I'm not familiar with that INSPIRE theme, as there are other agencies in the UK responsible for it. I suggested to OGC that their standard would be benefit from a short description of the overlap & distinction from INSPIRE CP. They agreed - so long as someone is available to write it.

Is anyone in this group familiar with INSPIRE CP and involved in anyway with OGC LandInfra? And even better, would have a bit of time to write a short section about the two?


  • Michal MED

    Hi Peter,

    I'm not involved in LandIfra, but quite deep in Cadastral Parcels and as far as I know, CadastralParcels in INSPIRE doesn't include information about ownership and I think that it was one of the major things in CP. that it won't. 

    Theme includes geometry, area and cadastral reference. If you have any question about CP, don't hesitate to ask.





    I think that what are you looking for is the Land Administration Domain Model. It is the ISO 19152 and it takes care of all the themes related cadastre: persons, rights, geographical objects ....all.

    The geographic part is compatible with INSPIRE cadastral parcel and buildings.

    As Michal already told you the INSPIRE Cadastral parcel take care only of location of the realestate...the rest issues are out of scope of INSPIRE but luckely are address in LADM.



  • Michael LUTZ

    Dear all,

    the call for comments is available here:

    The model ( is quite different from LADM, including also physical infrastructure such as roads or tunnels.

    Peter, it could be interesting to also highlight overlaps/differences to other INSPIRE themes, e.g. TN, BU, US.

    What do you think?