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Area of responsibility by StatisticalUnit?

Jose Manuel VAZQUEZ
By Jose Manuel VAZQUEZ Replies (3)


In the spanish Utility and Government Services working group, we are discussing about how to reflect the area of responsibility of various governmental services.
We want to answer questions like this:
If I have a point in a map, how can I find the health center, primary school, fire station... competent?
There exist some established zoning (health, school,...) very useful for this purpose, but that not fit in the III.6 annex, neither in the I.4. However, it fit in the III.1 annex.

I propose  modify the AreaOfResponsibilityType class definition in this sense:

+ areaOfResponsibilityByAdministrativeUnit :AdministrativeUnit[1..*]
+ areaOfResponsibilityByNamedPlace :NamedPlace[1..*]
+ areaOfResponsibilityByNetwork : NetworkReference[1..*]
+ areaOfResponsibilityByPolygon : GM_Multisurface
+ areaOfResposibilityByStatisticalUnit :StatisticalUnit[1..*]


What do you think about this?

Best regards.


  • Angel LOPEZ ALOS

    By Angel LOPEZ ALOS

    Dear Jose Manuel,

    Thanks a lot for your comment.

    My personal understanding in that  available options to define "AreaOfResponsabilityType" should cover your requierement (Administrative Unit or GM_Multisurface). Nevertheless, if you provide here with a more detailed use case and/or implementation scenario in which the area of responsability is linked with clearly defined Statistical Units, we could submitt a request for modification to be reviewed by the INSPIRE MIG commitee.

    Waiting forwards from you.

    Thanks a lot and best regards!

  • Jose Manuel VAZQUEZ

    By Jose Manuel VAZQUEZ

    Hi, Angel.

    Thanks for your quick reply.

    Yes, the use of GM_Multisurface is a solution, but this force to put into every object this surface, and it can be the same surface in different objects. Why don't use the reference to an existing zoning?
    I Think the problematic is the same as in administrative units. In my opinion, this is a more efficient design.

    Let's talk now about health zoning, this is a well established zoning, defined by a law, used for manage health resources as medical centers, practitioners, nurses, human health, animal health, water control quality,...
    Why statistical? Unfortunately, health zoning does not fit into a hierarchical structure as is the administrative units (regions, provinces, municipalities,...) so it should be considered as a statistical unit.
    Trying to explain it, you can see in the link below that shows a part of the health zoning of Navarra,

    Best regards


  • Angel LOPEZ ALOS

    By Angel LOPEZ ALOS

    Dear Jose Manuel,

     I understand your arguments and consider your proposal as really positive indeed. Nevertheless as AreaOfResponsability is part of the Implementing Rules legal acts what I was trying to express was that this makes your proposal extension not straight forward to be adapted and then requiring of strong arguments to be submitted to the MIG for consideration. 

    In any case, your proposal and arguments are already registered and hopefully they will be further discussed. I hope this won't be a blocker issue for your implementation.

    Thanks a lot and best regards.




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