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Population distribution : which fields or attributes are mandatory?

To my understanding of the UML model (p19) and from association role classification (p30),the multiplicity 0..* indicates that   the only mandatory attribute is the population count. The other attributes are not  mandatory. But on p 26, Age by 5 yearsvalue is stated as an IR obligation?

So, what are the mandatory attributes?

Thank you

Pierre Jamagne

  • Mirosław MIGACZ

    By Mirosław MIGACZ

    Dear Pierre,

    I believe this might be a leftover from the draft specification in which the Thematic Working Group (TWG) wanted to define mandatory population classifications to provide under the PD theme. As mentioned in another post today, no such requirement made it to the final version of the specification.

    I will check the specification in detail - it is possible that the IR obligation from p. 26 will have to be replaced by TG.

    The Thematic Working Group initially wanted to recommend total population and population in 5-year age groups as mandatory classifications.



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