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HB: encoding of ReferenceSpeciesSchemeValue using EUNIS reference list

The EUNIS habitat type is one of the mandatory reference lists to document the habitat type in the two application schemas HabitatsAndBiotopes and HabitatsAndBiotopesDistribution. Normally for the encoding of a specific CodeValue (ReferenceSpeciesSchemeValue) a permanent URI is referenced using the "xlink:href" (see recommendation 20 of the Guidelines for encoding of spatial data).

for example we have used the following encoding in the theme protected sites for encoding the DesignationType:

<ps:designation xlink:href=""></ps:designation&gt; 

In addition the xlink:title can include a human-readable label (see p. 35 of encoding guidelines)



The current externally goverened code list for EUNIS is referenced in the data specifications as XLS-file:

Within the XLS-file in Column "A" the "EUNIS_Hab" represents the Code value for the specific EUNIS class e.g. "E1.81" for "Mediterranean therophytic siliceous grassland". But there is no URI for the specific code value "E1.81" - so it can not be referenced using the "xlink:href" . The only option I see is to use the xlink:title as human-readable representation of the EUNIS-Code as label (e.g. "E1.81").

But nevertheless to my opinion without the URI reference encoded as xlink:href the GML-file is not valid. So the externally reference list does not fulfill the INSPIRE encoding rules. By the way the same is true for the externally code list from the Habitats Directive:


Any advice how to correctly encode the ReferenceSpeciesSchemeValue?


with best regards




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