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Population distribution, xml validation failed


When using Hale

for  the xml validation process of my population distribution file , I got an error message and going back to the window showing the transformed file, there is a warning triangle which says " .statisticaldistributionype value.statisticalvalue.dimension.dimensions.spatial.statisticalunit : abstact flag : the type of instance (statistical unit) is abstract".

How can I get rid of the problem?

Thank you

Pierre Jamagne

  • Simon TEMPLER

    Hi Pierre,

    my guess is that you are using StatisticalUnit for describing the spatial dimensions of a statistical value. But StatisticalUnit is abstract. You need to use one of the concrete implementations from the Vector Statistical Units or Gridded Statistical Units.
    If none of them are available to you in HALE, it means that you need to use a combined target schema, including all the application schemas you need.
    For example, find here a combined schema of Population Distribution and Statistical Units Vector.

    You can also use the INSPIRE Interactive Data Specifications to generate a HALE project template with a target schema including all relevant application schemas and feature types. Just add all relevant feature types to your favorites there (for instance Statistical Distribution and Area Statistical Unit) - you will find the option to generate a HALE project (or matching table, etc.) at the bottom of the page.


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