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Harmonization with INSPIRE Solution Pack for FME


Is someone using the INSPIRE Solution Pack for FME to harmonize datasets?

  • Sören Dupke

    Hello Aurete,

    we have a couple of customers who use the INSPIRE Solution Pack for FME to harmonize their data from all themes relevant in this cluster (Geology, Soil, Natural Risk Zones, Mineral resources, and Energy resources data). However I don't know how many are active here and will be reading this. 

    I have been involved in many of the mapping activites and if you have questions concerning the product please feel free to get in touch with me.  

    One of our users will give a presentation mapping his Geology and Borehole data at the fmedays conference. ( I will ask if I it's okay to share the presentation here after the conference. We will also be at the INSPIRE Conference and plan on bringing user stories with us. 

    Kind regards,


    By Einar EBERHARDT

    Hello Aurete,

    in my working group we use FME with the INSPIRE Solution Pack for preparing an INSPIRE conformant soil map dataset. We also prepare a documentation how we used FME that will be available in the Soil Sub-Cluster soon (hopefully within 3 weeks) together with a test dataset of our soil map 1:200.000.

    Please just let me know if you are interested in a discussion, also with the technical staff of my group.

    Kind regards,




  • Aurete PEREIRA

    By Aurete PEREIRA

    Thank you Sören.

    It would be very nice if you could share the presentation here. I still don't know if I will attend the INSPIRE Conference.



    Hello Einar

    In LNEG we are working on a metodology to harmonize our datasets. We use ArcGis sw and have an ArcGis Data Interoperability extension. We don't have a FME license neither the INSPIRE Solution Pack but I'm sure I will learn much if you share your experience with me.

    I'm also leading the portuguese Earth Science cluster and have colleagues from the Soil Theme who have to harmonize their soil maps. So as you see it would be of great interest if you share your experience!

    Kind regards


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