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Questions about terms for the transformation of Bathymetric data


I am trying and starting to transform bathymetric data from the North sea with Hale software and I would like to be guided by someone who has already done this kind of  exercice. My data are recorded into a regular grid (1m*1m) model that I transformed into a shapefile of points.

My first questions are about :

1. domainSet? To my understanding, as stated in of the DS, it is a geometry, but is it the geometry of each gridcell, or is it the boundary or convex hull of the whole grid?

2. domainExtent. I understand that is the convex hull but a temporal extent can also be added?

3. Elevation values? Do they come into Rangeset?  or somewhere else?

Thank you

P Jamagne

FPS Economy, Belgium




  • Andres OSTMAN

    Hi Pierre,

    1. For height and depth data, domainSet usually relates to the position of each grid point. The geometry of the grid cells is usually for coverage data in raster format.

    2. Yes, domainExtent may be represented by a convex hull

    3. Yes, the depth values comes into the range set.


  • Jordi ESCRIU

    Hi Pierre,

    Thanks again for your questions. They could always benefit other implementers and members of the Cluster.

    Thanks also to Andres for his answers - I totally agree with them.

    Just some comments added below:

    1. The domainSet is the collection of direct positions for which you are providing (in this case, bathymetric) values in your coverage. For regular grids this geometry is usually implicitly defined by providing an origin point for the grid, the orientation of the axes, the grid size along each axe and the spatial extent of the coverage.

    2. The type of the attribute 'domainExtent' is 'EX_Extent'. This type is defined in ISO 19115 and it allows for defining both, the spatial and temporal extent. You can also define more that one extent, which allows you e.g. declare discontinuous spatial extents. 

    3. The rangeSet is always providing the values for the direct positions declared within the domainSet.

    Happy to contribute.

    Let us know of you have any extra questions or doubts.


  • Jordi ESCRIU

    Dear Pierre,

    It seems that the post from Andres was sufficient to answer your questions. Therefore, I proceed to close this topic.

    In case you need something else regarding your original questions, please let me know through a message in the platform.


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