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It seems that there is only one fully compliant solution to serve multiple harmonised datasets trough WFS 2.0

We investigated several solutions to serve multiple harmonised datasets trough WFS 2.0 according to Technical Guidelines for Download Services. We are not discussing about providing access to only one dataset per server, but to provide access to more datasets.


Update 8 September 2016: The single compliant solution seems to be Snowflake GoPublisher WFS.


Update 9 May 2018: Because Stefania pointed in this tread that that Deegree is able to serve two different datasets for the same XML schema at different endpoints (asking for typeNames=ps:ProtectedSites in both cases) we started some tests.

So, it is still to see if Deegree is able to serve two different datasets based on multiple XML schemas at different endpoints in order to say that Deegree is compliant with Requirement 52, but is a big step forward in fullfiling the Requirement 52. For those data providers that need to serve feature types from one application schema at one endpoint Deegree is fulfiling the Req 52. We did not tested it yet to see if there are not other issues in order to confirm that it is able to serve multiple harmonised datasets based on multiple XML schemas trough WFS 2.0 according to Technical Guidelines for Download Services. Versions 3.4-RC (unstable) are passing the EPSG in URI format test, while 3.3 (stable) are not passing the test as EPSG is provided in URN format. As Deegree versions 3.4-RC are advertised as unstable and as there is no 3.4 stable version, it is not sure if Deegree is passing all the requirments of the Technical Guidelines for Download Services. However it should be noted that Deegree 3.4 version is OCG WFS 2.0 certified. If anyone had tested Deegree against each requirement from the TG, please share this information.

To conclude about Geoserver 2.13.0, for those data providers that need to serve feature types from one XML schema at one and only one endpoint, Geoserver 2.13.0 is fulfiling the Req 52. Geoserver seems not to be able yet to serve feature types from the same XML schema  at different endpoints, even if using the newly created isolated workspaces.


Till 8 September 2016 we thought that Go Publisher WFS (version 4.0.2) is not fullfiling the TG Requirement 46 ”Implementations shall conform to ISO 19142 Conformance Class Simple WFS”, more precise the WFS DescribeFeatureType request is not providing the expected result. Daniel Cocanu discovered that this is not related to GoPublisher WFS but it is related to XSD version 3.0 schemas.


The second most compliant solution seems to be Geoserver.  Unfortunately it does not fulfill at least one requirement, namely Requirement 52 ”A separate WFS endpoint shall be provided for each INSPIRE dataset thus providing one dataset per GetCapabilities response.” Tested on version 2.8.3. 

On third place seems to be Deegree (very good for testing purposes as it alows to serve datasets from the GML stored in memory) and on forth place ESRI ArcGIS for INSPIRE. We did not tested any other solution and we do not know any other solution (probably FME from SAFE can be a solution as well). 

Does anyone knows how to provide separate WFS endpoints for each INSPIRE dataset with Geoserver? 

Does anyone know other solutions to be tested (i.e.: FME from Safe) ?

Deoes anyone know other INSPIRE TG Requirements or Recommandations that cant be fullfiled by existing solutions ?

Isnt'it quite strange that Technical Guidelines are setting requirements that cant be fullfiled by any existing solution ?

Best regards,

Iurie Maxim

  • Stefania MORRONE

    By Stefania MORRONE

    Hi Sorin,

    don’t know whether this could be relevant (I guess not, but just for you to have a clearer picture): in my configuration I am not using a SQL feature store because the datasets we are managing are really small and we decided to use memory feature stores (quicker to set up).

    In my view, at this point it would be important to report the identified issue to the deegree github, which is the primary deputed platform to receive correct feedbacks (know you and your team already contributed there smiley).

    I also suggest you have a look at “Return original GML 3.1.1 and 3.2.1 schemas for a single FeatureStore and WFS endpoint” issue at

    I take this opportunity to inform about the “Improved support on INSPIRE” issue at” containing the list of changes introduced in latest deegree versions in order to provide better support to INSPIRE.

    Should you report to deegree, may I also ask you to mention this Thematic Cluster discussion and post back here github links to reported issue?

    This would be very valuable for all TC users and somehow build a bridge between TC and relevant software wiki / github support !

    Thank you very much


  • Stefania MORRONE

    By Stefania MORRONE

    Dear all, this discussion contains a lot of valuable content, which deserves better visibility.

    Thanking you all for contributing enthusiastically and inviting you to continue the same way, I am now closing this post, taking stock of the different topics contained therein and creating the following dedicated page

    This page will be read-only. I will update it also with the conclusions from possible relevant new posts. Therefore,should you have any news on the status of reported issues, or should you want to add any consideration, please post a new discussion or email me.  

    All the best,


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