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Lease for carbon-dioxide sequestration in geological formations - which Cluster and Theme?

My name is David McChesney and within The Crown Estate I have responsibility for ensuring that the GIS data we make available is compliant with INSPIRE.

The Crown Estate is an independent commercial business created by an Act of Parliament by the UK Government. Amongst its assets is the seabed out to the UK continental shelf on which it has granted two leases for the sequestration of carbon-dioxide within geological formations as part of carbon capture and storage projects.

My query is what Cluster and Theme would be the right home for this data which denotes the extent of the legal agreement for the storage of a waste product produced by energy/industrial processes within a geological feature?

I did a search but this didn't turn up anything pertinent.

Thanks in advance.


  • Amelia BAPTIE

    Hi David,

    Thank you very much for posting this question.

    To kick off the discussion I would like to open up this question to the other clusters to see if any of the other facilitators, or members of the clusters, have any experience with data relating to sequestration sites.

    The question is whether this data belongs in the ‘Geology’ theme, or whether it is more relevant to another theme such as ‘Area management / restriction / regulation zones & reporting units’ which belongs to the ‘Biodiversity and Management Areas’ cluster?

    Within the description of the ‘Area management / restriction / regulation zones & reporting units’ theme there is reference to “Areas managed, regulated or used for reporting at international, European, national, regional and local levels. Includes dumping sites … areas for the dumping of waste… relevant reporting units and coastal zone management areas”.

    Would the Biodiversity and Management Areas cluster be the best place for this data ‘leases for the sequestration of carbon-dioxide within geological formations’?

    I look forward to hearing from anyone with experience with this data or views on what theme it should belong to.




    By David MCCHESNEY


    Thank-you for your response.

    I am minded to agree with you that the ‘Biodiversity and Management Areas’ cluster is the correct home but I would welcome other peoples views on this.

    Many Thanks,


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