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CDI 19115 profile not passed as Inspire compliant

By Keiran MILLARD Replies (3)

I am posting this issue on behalf on the EMODNET community.  This community has developed a  profile of 19115 for data discovery called CDI.  CDI is a superset of Inspire discovery metadata.  As its history predates Inspire there is a large community use of this standard, but as it is a superset of Inspire discovery metadata it should be valid for Inspire discovery services.  This was the case in the past, but is not longer the case with the current version of the Inspire metadata validator.  The purpose of this discussion is to raise awareness of the current issue and establish a fix.

Here is a summary of the issue with the INSPIRE validator for the CDI metadata:

(a)   CDI metadata schema is a standard ISO 19115 profile.

(b)  The previous online INSPIRE validator supported ISO 19115 profiles and, hence, passed CDI metadata records ;

(c)   The new version of the INSPIRE validator (adopted in 2015)  does not support standard ISO 19115 profiles, anymore; it is able to recognize only the core elements of ISO 19115.

(d)  Due to such a major philosophical change, there are two types of validating issues, for the CDI metadata:

a.     the validation of the extended types and additional codelist elements defined by CDI;

b.     the validation of custom CRS defined by CDI: only a short list of CRS (mostly defined on the European area) is considered valid by the INSPIRE validator.

EMODNET have reported to JRC these two issues with the CDI records and more generally for the existing and next coming ISO 19115 domain profiles. The interlocutory answer outlined that the upcoming INSPIRE technical guidelines will likely (discussion is still on):

·       remove support for ISO profiles and only declare a potential future support.

·     expand the present list of supported CRS to include all the CRS defined by EPSG (e.g. including global CRS such as EPSG:4326 latitude-longitude)

Presently for Seadatanet, in order to maintain INSPIRE compatibility it is possible to continue using CDI full profile in the Seadatanet Community and create aCDI profile” that is INSPIRE compliant . This is done by:

a.      cutting CDI extensions (all the extended elements such as extended lists will be lost).

b.      mapping the present CRS list now in use (defined in Seadatanet) to EPSG codes –this should be quite straightforward.



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