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What to use for CI_DateTypeCode codeList ?

Hello everybody,

At least in the Protected Sites Data Specifications the CI_DateTypeCode codeList link provided in the examples has a broken link.

Namely the examples provided in the Technical Guidelines are:

<gmd:CI_DateTypeCode codeList="; codeListValue="publication">publication</gmd:CI_DateTypeCode>

As it can be seen, the link in the example is a broken one

However the ISO TC link works, namely

None of the validators, including the ENV Plus Validator is not checking any codeList URL so it is possible to write anything, just start with http://.

Therefore is this the correct way to provide the values for CI_DateTypeCode or not ? :

<gmd:CI_DateTypeCode codeList="; codeListValue="publication">publication</gmd:CI_DateTypeCode>

Best regards,

Iurie Maxim

  • Ilkka RINNE

    Hi Iurie,

    We had a good discussion about the ISO code list use at MIWP-8 meeting in Ispra last July. Based on that discussion (and comments from people more knowledgeable in the ISO standards than me), it became clear that the URIs given as the codeList attributes of the ISO code list elements is not authoritative, but informative: the authoritative source of the possibly values of the particular code list are given in the ISO standards document, regardless of the resource pointed by the codeList attribute. This is probably the reason why the codeList attribute is ignored by the validators. For the ISO code lists the validators shall only check that the codeListValue is one of the permitted values provided by the standard document for the particular code list, and can thus ignore the codeList attribute.

    The examples mentioned try to include the codeList URL still for informative purposes, but they have a small typo: the "C" letter of the "Codelist" word in the URL should be lowercase. If you change this, the URL will resolve correctly. However it should be pointed out, that as far as I know there are no authoritative and permanent copies of the ISO code lists expressed in XML. Neither the ISO copies under nor under are guaranteed to be permanently available.

    Neither the INSPIRE Metadata guidance version 1.3 nor 2.0 shall mandate the use of particular URLs for the ISO code lists for this reason.

    (And yes, my developer heart is also bleeding for this, but there is not good way around it, it seems)



    Ilkka Rinne

  • Iurie MAXIM

    Hi Ilka,

    Thank you for this valuable information that is more valuable than we expected.

    I supose that it the ISO XSD schemas will be removed from the and from websites, many applications will not work anymore, but I think that this is simmilar with the DNS.

    In this sense we noticed as well that  is pointing to and many implementations are based on the link and therefore are not supporting the GML 3.2.1. from even if they can support it.


    At least the link provided in the TG as example should be with "codelist" instead of "Codelist" as it is curently.

    We will change to:

    <gmd:CI_DateTypeCode codeList="" codeListValue="publication">publication</gmd:CI_DateTypeCode>

    Best regards,

    Iurie Maxim

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