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Why ps:legalFoundationDate is DateTime instead of beeing Date ?

Hello everybody,

In the ProtectedSites.XSD schemas (both version 3.0 and 4.0) the legalFoundationDate element is declared as beeing dateTime even if the element legalFoundationDate and its definition states that this is a date, as it can be seen below:

<element name="legalFoundationDate" nillable="true">
-- Definition -- The date that the protected site was legally created. This is the date that the real world object was created, not the date that its representation in an information system was created. -- Description -- NOTE In the case of Natura2000 sites, a protected site may go through several different stages (for example, proposed as SCI, confirmed as SCI, designated as SAC). A new version of the site is created for each of these different stages (because there is a change in the designation), and the new version should have the date on which the new stage was legally assigned as the legalFoundationDate (for example, when designated as a SAC, the version for the SAC would have the designation date as the legalFoundationDate).
<extension base="dateTime">
<attribute name="nilReason" type="gml:NilReasonType"/>

As it can be seen from the definition it is clearly stipulated "This is the date that the real world object was created". Therefore it is hard to understand why this element is declared as dateTime instead of beeing only date.

For many old Protected Sites even it is not possible to provide the month and the year of the establishment.

Therefore instead of beeing able to indicate for example only the year 1974, this is how this information is currently provided because the element is of dateTime type:


This is an issue regarding Data Quality as well, because instead of providing only "1974" it is provided "1974-01-01T00:00:00.000".

However, for the legalFoundationDocument it is possible to provide the date of publication of the legalFoundationDocument as a date, including in the YYYY format as it can be seen bellow:


To conclude, are they any chances to repair this in the next version of the XSD schemas ?


Best regards,

Iurie Maxim 

  • Iurie MAXIM

    Hi everybody,

    No one can comment on this ?

    How are looking other implementations for PS?

    Are they providing the Legal Foundation Date like this, or they are not providing this information at all  ?


    Is this issue a known one or not ?

    Best regards,

    Iurie Maxim

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