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Good news - WPS service that accepts WFS2.0 GML3.2 data

Hi everyone,

I have just successfully used GML3.2 data in a geospatial analysis using a WPS1.0 server. The input data is obtained from INSPIRE Download Services, for two data themes: ps:ProtectedSite and br:Bio-geographicalRegion, and it was processed using 52°North WPS server, and output the data as GML 3.2 again.

This is very good news as I have been struggling for the past 6 months to find a WPS processing solution, that accepts complex feaures encoded as GML3.2 and there are few solutions/software in the geospatial environment that manages to do that.

While there is a lot of push from the INSPIRE community for WFS 2.0 and GML 3.2 complex feature types as the preferred way to encode and distribute geometries, there are very few geospatial tools able to work with these types of features, and until now there were no WPS implementations ready to read GML 3.2 data. That was until Iurie Maxim pointed me in the direction of 52°North.

While the server still has issues that need to be fixed, the community is helpful and quick to react to some of the bugs I found. Initially not even their demo was working, but they fixed this, by updating their GML Parser (which by the way, was pointing to a wrong featured.XSD location).

The analysis is still tricky: the geometry srsName is declared 4326 (Lat/Long) by default if the WFS service doesn't contain the bounding boxes for the elements, the output only contains the first simple feature element, so analysing multiple datasets will lead to inconclusive data etc. In my example bellow, this element would be the value of the gml:identifier, namely:

WPS should be very important in the context of the INSPIRE directive, as they would allow to process data directly from the end-points of Member States, and deliver geospatial knowledge from the raw data published as WFS.

Link to test:

Request body, using the Intersect Process, and using the ROSCI0008 protected site and the Pannonian Bio-geographical Region :

<Execute service="WPS" version="1.0.0"
>  <ns:Identifier>org.n52.wps.server.algorithm.intersection.IntersectionAlgorithm</ns:Identifier>
      <Reference mimeType="text/xml; subtype=gml/3.2.1" xlink:href=";version=2.0.0&amp;request=GetFeature&amp;STOREDQUERY_ID=GETpsPSRefByInspireId&amp;localId=ROSCI0008&amp;versionId="/&gt;
      <Reference mimeType="text/xml; subtype=gml/3.2.1" xlink:href=";version=2.0.0&amp;request=GetFeature&amp;STOREDQUERY_ID=GETbrBRRefByInspireId&amp;localId=PAN&amp;versionId="/&gt;
      <Output mimeType="text/xml; subtype=gml/3.2.1">
        <ns2:Identifier xmlns:ns1="; xmlns:ns="; xmlns:xsi="; xmlns:ns2="">intersection_result</ns2:Identifier&gt;

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