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Data in Non Supported Representations

This is a topic that was posted on the OF/AF cluster related to data that exists as representations Inspire services cannot address.  This includes complex numeric coverages and non-numeric formats such as sound and video.  We reach some conclusions back in 2015 so we can debate if they are still valid.  The issue as I see it is not so much of data encodings, but on the service that support standardised view and download.


  • Katharina SCHLEIDT

    By Katharina SCHLEIDT

    Hi Kieran,

    continuing/clarifying this discussion from where we left off in OF/AF, the way I understand it we'd need a way of including other data access service types to cover out-of-band encodings. The problem you've brought up is the same regardless of if it's an image file or a netCDF file.

    To date I've been assuming that folks will somehow deposit them under an accessible URL. While it breaks out of the OGC technology, so do the content. At the end of the day its still resolvable, so works to my maybe overly pragmatic mind!



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