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rangeparameters, axis orientation, csv file


  1. Is Rangeparameters under Rangeset  a mandatory property:? And if yes  what did you encode? I have not seen it in the feature catalogue within the Technical guideline.

  2. Axis orientation: Is there a property where I can record their orientation versus the parallells and meridians?

  3. In the present model, the elevation values is not in the gml file but is to be found in a geotiff or other rasterformat whose url adress is to be found in the gml file. But would it not be also worth to have these elevation values recorded in a csv or equivalent file together with the x and y coordinates whose url would also be in the gml file.?

  4. Sincerely yours,

P Jamagne 


  • Jordi ESCRIU

    Dear Pierre,

    Hope you are attending to the INSPIRE Conference in Barcelona, where we will run a workshop on implementation of coverage data and WCS services:

    This would be a nice place to directly ask this kind of questions.

    If you are not attending, I will try to find candidates to answer them properly.



  • Jordi ESCRIU

    Dear Pierre,

    I am copying here the contribution from Peter Baummann, who asked me to post it in the platform.

    ___ Posted by Peter Baumann (12 December 2016) __________________________________________

    Question 1: as per GML 3.2.1, the rangeParameters value is required, but can be empty. This has been inherited by GMLCOV/CIS 1.0 for backwards compatibility reasons (technically, a GMLCOV/CIS 1.0 schema should validate in GML), but it was not used. The rangeType component provides a much more comprehensive approach and is harmonized with SWE Common. So utilizing rangeParameters is discouraged.

    Question 2: Axis orientation can be retrieved from the CRS definition whose URL is mandatory in a coverage - follow this path (EPSG:4326 used as example):

    <gml:ellipsoidalCS><gml:EllipsoidalCS><gml:metaDataProperty><gml:axis><gml:axisDirection codeSpace="EPSG">north</gml:axisDirection>

    Question 3: this addresses different representations of the same information. In the particular case on hand, CIS 1.1 does support a coordinate/value interleaving (and more including tiling).


    Hope this is helpful.

    Let us know if you have any remaining question.



  • Jordi ESCRIU

    Since there are no more questions about this discussion, I proceed to close it.

    Please, send me a message through the platform if you want to ask or add something else on this topic.


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