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Issues related to PS application schema

Dear all,
very interesting and valuable discussions ongoing on the cluster!

I am afraid anyway that fragmentation of the posts related to the same topic and the increasing number of answers to some of the posts could prevent the user to get the maximum benefit.

Hoping this could be of help, I created the page "Issues related to PS application schema" with the purpose of gathering reported issues and relevant suggestions for the next update of the PS schema / TG. 

The page will be updated with links to eventual new relevant posts.

Best regards


  • Iurie MAXIM


    A new issue regarding  ProtectionClassificationValue is here (definitions) and here (portrayals).

    Even if the topic you mentioned is about PS application schema, I think that is relevant to mention that the discutions are related to Portrayal for PS as well.

    Therefore it would be better to make a more complex document where to log all the issues for PS, not only those related PS application schema but to TG and IR as well.

    Best regards,

    Iurie Maxim

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