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Example of GML file with the population distribution per statistical district in Brussels Region, Belgium

This gml file contains the total population, males and females in the Brussels Region per statistical district, a subdivision of the commune in Belgium (LAU2). It has been made compliant with the data specifications and more particularly with the schema Population distribution_demography 4.0. It has been done with the software Hale.

  • Sorin RUSU
    Sorin RUSU

    Hi Pierre,

    Good job using Hale to transform the data to GML. By curiosity I also validated your GML using the team engine GML validator at

    I believe that it is a good idea to separate, as you have done, statistical values from the reference geometry, since the same statistical unit can appear multiple times in the same dataset, once for each age group, for each gender etc.

    However I think it would have been better to provide the statistical units in the same GML, since right now, the HREF link that you have specified doesn't resolve: My browser just hangs while trying to load this shape. I see that on the SH_STAT_SECTORS page you also have a SHP and GML file with all the statistical units.

    Could you please tell me how the HREF in the population distribution GML links to the IDs in the statistical unit GML?

    Also keep in mind that you could use HALE to transform two feature types (population distribution and statistical units and have the output in the same GML). In this way you could href to the featureID's of the statistical units in the same GML.


  • Pierre JAMAGNE
    Pierre JAMAGNE

    Hi Sorin,

    1.About providing statistical values and statistical units (geometry) in the same gml file :

    I did create two gml files as statistical values belong to theme Population distribution with its own schema referring  to the only area of dissemination geometry(envelope), while the statistical units geometry fall under the theme Statistical units with its own schema with no reference to the statistical values. This is my understanding but I agree with you it would have been easier to have the statistical values and geometry in the same gml file and also under one single theme. What makes me unhappy with the present population distribution  schema (version 4.0), is that I am not able to include Belgium into one single gml file, I have to split in 11 gml files (one per Nuts 2).

    Nevertheless, as a test I have also a second version of my population distribution gml file with replacing the Areaofdissemination geometry by the statistical units geometry which enables to have Begium in one single gml file. This single  gml file contains the geometry of each statistical units with its demographical statistical values  but I do not know if am allowed to proceed so. If yes, I can load it on this site.


    2. About the link : You can link both files by making a join between the LocalID field in the statistical units gml file and value of the statistical units under spatial dimension


    3.Could you explain me the way to bring two feature types  into a single gml?


    Sincerely yours

    P Jamagne







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