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SLD for GeoServer: MineralOccurrences-primaryCommodity

SLD for GeoServer: MineralOccurrences-primaryCommodity

Based on work by James Passmore (BGS), edited by Tomas Lindberg (SGU)

An attempt at creating an INSPIRE compliant style for MR.MineralOccurrence, work undertaken as part of the OneGeology project ( by James Passmore (British Geological Survey). Using notes at to construct SLD.  No actual RGB values are provided in the INSPIRE technical guidance, the RGB colours here have been colour picked, from screen shots of the Technical Guidelines.  WellKnownName values should work with GeoServer.

SGU ( has added some commodities present in SGU data that was not originally included in this file or classified in INSPIRE technical guidance. In case of new colors needed they have only been assigned to differentiate existing color in the same rule.
                Commodities added by SGU are:
                arsenic in a separate rule in speciality and rare metals,
                thallium included in the bismuth, tellurium, mercury rule in speciality and rare metals,
                yttrium included in the REE rule in speciality and rare metals,
                bentonite and diatomite included in speciality and other industrial minerals,
                oil and gaseous hydrocarbons in separate rule in energetic metals or minerals,
                phosphorous included in minerals for chemical use.

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