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INSPIRE Web Services (status 7/2020)

I. productive web services

AD.Addresses WFS (Paging, Count: 2.500)*1    GetFeature Count=1

AD.Addresses WMS *1


BU.Buildings 2D ALKIS WFS *4

BU.Buildings 2D ALKIS WMS  *4


BU.Buildings 2D ATKIS WFS *4

BU.Buildings 2D ATKIS WMS  *4


EF.Environmental monitoring Facilities WFS *1

EF.Environmental monitoring Facilities WMS *1


ER.Energy Resources WFS *1

ER.Energy Resources WMS *1


GE.Geology WFS *1

GE.Geology WMS *1


GN.Geographical names WFS *1    GetFeature Count=1

GN.Geographical names WMS *1


GN.Geographical names ALKIS WFS *2

GN.Geographical names ALKIS WMS *2


GN.Geographical names ATKIS WFS *2

GN.Geographical names ATKIS WMS *2


LC.Land Cover ALKIS WFS *4

LC.Land Cover ALKIS WMS *4


LU.Existing Land Use ALKIS WFS  *4

LU.Existing Land Use ALKIS WMS  *4


LU.Planned Land Use XPlan.BPlan WFS (Paging, Count: 100)*1    GetFeature Count=1

LU.Planned Land Use XPlan.BPlan WMS *1


PF.Production and industrial facilities WFS *1

PF.Production and industrial facilities WMS *1


PS.Protected Site WFS *1

PS.Protected Site WMS *1


SO.Soil WFS *1

SO.Soil WMS *1





SU.Statistical units WFS *1    GetFeature Count=1

SU.Statistical units WMS *1


TN.Transport networks HH-SIB WFS (Paging, Count: 10.000)*3    GetFeature RoadLink Count=1

TN.Transport networks HH-SIB WMS *3



II. productive web services - inherited

AU.Administrative units ALKIS WFS *4

AU.Administrative units ALKIS WMS *4


CP.Cadastral parcels ALKIS WFS *4

CP.Cadastral parcels ALKIS WMS *4


HY.Hydrography Network ATKIS WFS *4

HY.Hydrography Network ATKIS WMS *4


HY.Physical Waters ALKIS WFS *4

HY.Physical Waters ALKIS WMS *4


HY.Physical Waters ATKIS WFS *4

HY.Physical Waters ATKIS WMS *4


TN.Transport networks ALKIS WFS *4

TN.Transport networks ALKIS WMS *4


TN.Transport networks ATKIS WFS *4

TN.Transport networks ATKIS WMS *4



III. test web services

AM.Area management / restriction / regulation zones & reporting units WFS *1

AM.Area management / restriction / regulation zones & reporting units WMS *1


AU.Administrative units WFS *1

AU.Administrative units WMS *1


HB.Habitats and Biotopes WFS *1

HB.Habitats and Biotopes WMS *1


LU.Planned Land Use XPlan.FPlan WFS *1

LU.Planned Land Use XPlan.FPlan WMS *1


PD.Population distribution and demography WFS *1

PD.Population distribution and demography WMS *1


SD.Species distribution WFS *1

SD.Species distribution WMS *1


US.Utility and governmental services WFS *1

US.Utility and governmental services WMS *1


*1: generated and automated with FME server

*2: generated with python package nasloader4 and FME desktop; automated with python multiprocess including file change detection

*3: generated with okstra2inspire converter of the List GmbH; loaded with python package gmlloader4; automated with python multiprocess including file change detection

*4: generated with hale and gradle; loaded with deegree GmlLoader and FME desktop; automated with python package adv


  • Enrico Iredi
    Enrico Iredi

    updated on 8. Juli 2020

  • Katharina SCHLEIDT
    Katharina SCHLEIDT


    Question - I just took a look at the EF WFS, noticed you're not making use of the ObservingCapabilities to indicate what is being measured by the sensor. As I'm fairly sure that this information is available, what is the reasoning for not providing this information? Is this still a work-in-progress?



  • Enrico Iredi
    Enrico Iredi

    Hello Kathi,

    the source data used does not have this information. But that's not the original data.

    This is followed by data from the okstra2inspire converter, which could contain the missing ef: observingCapability elements. Perhaps this EF data will completely replace the current one. I'm not sure. We will see...

    Best regards