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Core Spatial Data Theme Statistical Units (SU) - recommendation for content

A document with recommendations on implementing the Statistical Unit (SU) theme created by the UN:GGIM Europe working group.

Executive summary (excerpt):

The Core Spatial Data Theme “Statistical Units” Recommendation for content includes a step wise approach for its adoption by the countries: a) Core recommendations, like including 1 Km Grid, NUTS and Urban Statistical units and some temporal attributes as core, b) good practices, like recommend smaller grids and enumeration districts units and c) Considerations for future, like the importance of a global grid, units harmonisation for the whole geographic Europe, better tracking of statistical units across time, correspondence between INSPIRE and Statistical classification.

Statistics & Health

Statistics & Health

Join this group if you would like to share knowledge or ask questions regarding the INSPIRE implementation of Statistical Units [SU], Population Distribution (Demography) [PD] or Human Health and Safety [HH] data themes