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Discussion document: Good practice for providing (raster) INSPIRE Coverage data and services

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This document explains a good practice for the provision of interoperable (raster) INSPIRE Coverage data and services, used for a large list of Annex II and Annex III data themes.

It is the result of a number of activities organised in the scope of the INSPIRE Community Forum (formerly, INSPIRE Thematic Clusters) from October 2014 till nowadays, including related discussion topics in the platform, webinars, workshop, and even an article.

Moreover, it is expected to overcome the current situation of having inconsistent schemas for INSPIRE coverage data which are not properly aligned with the OGC standards which are identified as adopted as default encoding.

This drawback is clearly preventing the interoperable provision of raster data themes in the form of coverage data and related services (WCS / WCPS). Such services have a huge potential for users willing to exploit raster data analytics utilising INSPIRE coverage data, being one of the most interesting and beneficial use cases for big data.

The main objectives of this document are:

  • Getting feedback from the community on this functional good practice to align INSPIRE coverages to OGC standards.
  • Promote the interoperable schemas identified in the document for their widespread use by the thematic communities which have to provide coverage data for INSPIRE purposes.
  • Spread the word through INSPIRE MIG-T for the consideration and promotion as an interoperable solution for a large list of INSPIRE themes dealing with (raster) coverage data.
  • Katharina SCHLEIDT
    Katharina SCHLEIDT

    Hi Jordi,

    many thanks for having done the painful work of formulating the Good Practice Document!!!

    How do you foresee potential data providers signing up for participation? To my understanding, JRC requires at least 2 official deployments for the Good Practice to be accepted. Anybody willing to step up?