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Integration of INSPIRE & SDMX data infrastructures for the 2021 population and housing census

Paper by: Nadezhda VLAHOVA, Fabian BACH, Ekkehard PETRI , Vlado CETL, Hannes REUTER – European Commission

Abstract: Geospatial and statistical data and metadata are shared using different data formats, exchange methods and dissemination standards. In Europe, geospatial information is shared using the spatial data infrastructure INSPIRE while statistical information is exchanged following Standard for Data and Metadata eXchange (SDMX). Defining a mapping between these two standards is essential to support the combination of these two types of information and thus create greater value for the data and produce integrated datasets. This would allow statistics organisations to enrich their datasets with geospatial information and re-use INSPIRE enabled tools and services to illustrate statistics in a visually enhanced manner. Eurostat carried out a successful pilot study to integrate INSPIRE concepts into SDMX in the context of the Census 2021 data collection. A mapping between the INSPIRE themes Population distribution and Statistical Units on the one hand and Census data and metadata modelled in SDMX for the exchange of census information on the other was defined and will be implemented in Eurostat's SDMX enabled data exchange infrastructure, the Census Hub. As a result Statistical Offices will implement the requirements from INSPIRE without disruption of their established production systems and without double data sharing burden.

  • Katharina SCHLEIDT
    Katharina SCHLEIDT

    Hi Miro,

    any idea when Eurostat will implement these INSPIRE compliant view and download services from the Census Hub Data? Additionally, any insights as to the model being used (broken PD model, or something else?)


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