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Example of EL GML encoding

  • Emmanuel DEVYS
    Emmanuel DEVYS


    thanks for your example for EL GML encoding.

    I found 2 issues with this example:

    1- missing xsi:schemaLocation, which should be provided.

    I tried to quickly find some way to solve these, by adding the reference to the lastest schema for EL Coverage:

    Then I got the following message (from XMLspy) : Element <el-cov:ElevationGridCoverage> is not allowed under element <gml:featureMember>

    I tried to quickly find some way to solve these, by suppressing the gml:FeatureCollection level, and everything is then clear (at least from XMLspy).

    I'll upload the corresponding modified example for information.

    Thanks again



  • Julián DELGADO
    Julián DELGADO

    Dear Emmanuel, thanks for your revision on the GML,

    xsi namespace is declared in the line 2, el-cov namespace is declared in the same line 2. But I used v3 of INSPIRE EL XSD file, maybe this is the mistake you have detected (I started with the example several months ago and i didn't updated the result for the v4)

    My best regards


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