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Modified Julian EL GML encoding example

Example valid for EL ElevationGridCoverage, for discussion

  • Julián DELGADO
    Julián DELGADO

    Dear Emmanuel, thanks

    I'm not an expert on GML files, but I don't see in your modification a <FeatureCollection> element, shoul it always required? and <gml:boundedBy> is inside of INSPIRE EL coverage definition, this attribute is not declared in the XSD file, doesn't it stay outside?

    I could understand that you modified manually the example, rigth?

    My best regards

  • Emmanuel DEVYS
    Emmanuel DEVYS

    Dear Julian

    the only thing that I did on your EL GML encoding example (PNOAtoINSPIRE-EL) was trying to quickly achive an xml file that may validate, at minimum with the EL GridCoverage schema.

    I did the minimum set of corresponding changes / edits by hand under XMLspy.

    About the <gml:boundedBy> element, I am not sure to have understood your question, this element may be present for any GML feature, so also for a Coverage element, here the ElevationGridCoverage element.

    For the inclusion inside a <FeatureCollection> element, I have no issue against this. I simply tried to quickly achieve a document that could be validated (for an ElevationGridCoverage component), so the fastest was to suppress this level in the document I uploaded.

    Hoping this clarifies

    Best regards


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