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Grid transformation: ETRS89 H30 to ETRS LAEA

Attached is a video of the process. The description of the layers that appear in the table of contents is as follows:

ESPECIES_UTM: Species Distribution Layer in 10x10 km ETRS89 H30 grid to be transformed

ESPECIES_LAMBERT: Result of the transformation in 10 x10 km. ETRS LAEA grid.

Temporal layers:

Es_1km: 1x1 km ETRS LAEA grid

Temp_1: Selection of LAEA 1x1 km cells that intersect the source layer

Temp2_Diss: Dissolve of  Temp_1 by the 10x10 cells code.

Temp_5: Selection of the a accepted cells according to criteria applied (in our case 50% of the area)

Elevation, Ortho & Grids

Elevation, Ortho & Grids

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