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Elevation grid coverage - GMLCOV Example implementation (IGN-Spain)

  • Jukka RAHKONEN
    Jukka RAHKONEN

    Is the following part of the example correct? By reading it looks like EX_GeographicBoundingBox should be in WGS84 decimal degrees.


  • Jordi ESCRIU
    Jordi ESCRIU

    Dear Jukka,

    You are probably right. We will look at it as part of the testing of the example, since MIWP-14 has accepted to inclde it as part of the TG on EL (with the appropriate testing).

    Would it be a good idea to test it in MIWP-7b MIG-T subgroup?


  • Peter BAUMANN
    Peter BAUMANN

    Hi all,

    hm, in this XML snippet above I cannot see anything that reminds me of a coverage. Am I missing something?



  • Jordi ESCRIU
    Jordi ESCRIU

    In the example, the values of the coverage are returned by a WCS service, within the gml:rangeParameters using xlink (inside gml:File).

    This was checked by Alex after the workshop in Barcelona.

    Talk to you tomorrow.


  • Jordi ESCRIU
    Jordi ESCRIU

    Jukka, Peter:

    I realized you were looking at an older example.

    The final example which is being proposed to be included in the EL technical guidelines (after appropriate testing) is here:

    You can find the summary in the following page:


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