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Example Elevation grid coverage - single coverage (tested)

  • Emmanuel DEVYS
    Emmanuel DEVYS

    Jordi, Alex and all

    I have 2 comments on this example:

    1. - VerticalCRS must be specified (it is presently missing in this example !); the consenus - if I am correct - was to use the referenceFrame attribute of the swe:Quantity sub-element (in the rangeType)
    2. - the srsName is repeated 3 times for gml:Point (origin) and gml:offsetVector(s) in the gml:RectifiedGrid geometry specified in the gml:domainSet. This increases the verbosity (though only slightly) of the gml document. I would recommend the srsName only once and attach it to the gml:RectifiedGrid, as all sub-element of the RectifiedGrid should have the same CRS, thus avoid the repetition. In addition to this, it is weird to me to define a geometry (here RectifiedGrid) without providing its CRS. And this example clearly shows that the boundedBy element is not providing the CRS of the coverage via its srsName, because it is providing the boundedBy information under un harmonized geographic CRS.

    Comment 1 must be solved before this example is endorsed.

    And I would recommend the proposed improvement on the documentation of the horizontal CRS.


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Elevation, Ortho & Grids

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