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Statistical Units GML example: NTS 1 (2014), Poland

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This is an example of a GML file compliant with the SU Technical Guidelines. The dataset contains statistical units from the Polish Nomenclature of Territorial units for Statistics (NTS) level one.

NTS description:

NTS comprises 5 levels: 3 NUTS levels and 2 LAU levels. The boundaries are updated yearly according to yearly changes in the territorial division of the country:

- NTS1 (= NUTS1),
- NTS2 (= NUTS2),
- NTS3 (= NUTS3),
- NTS4 (= LAU1),
- NTS5 (= LAU2).

Other datasets are available for download from the ATOM feed:

  • Francisco CALDEIRA
    Francisco CALDEIRA

    Hi Miroslaw,

    Thanks for sharing.

    I would like to ask you some questions.

    Which validator are you using? I'm using an evaluation copy of Oxygen XML, with some good results. 

    At Statistics Portugal there was some discussing about Who should publish the NUTS for Portugal, should Statistics Portugal or Eurostat. How did you make your decision about this. 

    The same discussion applies to the 1km square grid of the GeoStat. 





  • Francisco CALDEIRA
    Francisco CALDEIRA

    Me again...

    Just saw your gml. Some more questions:

    I couldn't figure it out in the documentation the Thematic IDentifier, and Thematic Identifier Schema.

    Why in your data 1.3 at Thematic Identifier?







  • Fabio VINCI
    Fabio VINCI

    Dear Francisco,

    you can try our (Epsilon Italia) Validation Service, developed in the frame of eENVplus project!



  • Mirosław MIGACZ
    Mirosław MIGACZ

    Dear Francisco,

    We decided to publish NUTS ourselves as a part of Polish NTS nomenclature, because we publish yearly population datasets that are related to NTS via the NTS identifier. This brings me to the answer to another question: why "1.3"? NTS provides a nomenclature for identifiers which is different than NUTS and comprises also LAU1 and LAU2. The first digit is the level:

    1 - NTS1 (= NUTS1),
    2 - NTS2 (= NUTS2),
    3 - NTS3 (= NUTS3),
    4 - NTS4 (= LAU1),
    5 - NTS5 (= LAU2).

    So, hence the "1".

    The following digits are identifiers of following NTS levels. So "1.3" means region number 3.

    A full breakdown nicely put together by our Polish wikipedia:

    1.3 – region wschodni PL3 – Region Wschodni
    2.3.18 – województwo podkarpackie 18 – województwo podkarpackie PL32 – Podkarpackie – podregion przemyski PL324 – Przemyski – powiat lubaczowski 1809 – powiat lubaczowski – gmina Horyniec-Zdrój 1809032 – gmina Horyniec-Zdrój

    As to validations, I'm not sure yet. We outsourced the GML creation but a tool for us is developed to allowed automated GML creation using GeoServer. The tool is still under configuration, so I'm not familiar with all the details.



  • Francisco CALDEIRA
    Francisco CALDEIRA

    Dear Miroslaw and Fabio,

    Thanks both of you for the reply.

    For validation,  I tested  eENVplus project, for small gml files works fine, for big gml files web enviroment doesn't work that well.

    I used the validation tool of Hale as well with good results.

    For those big files I used Oxygen XML Edifor, wich enabled me to validate againts the schematron.  

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