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Population Distribution GML example: population in NTS level 1 (2014), Poland

This is an example of a GML file compliant with the PD Technical Guidelines. The dataset contains population distribution data referring to statistical units from the Polish Nomenclature of Territorial units for Statistics (NTS) level one.

See also this fileStatistical Units GML example: NTS 1 (2014), Poland

NTS description:

NTS comprises 5 levels: 3 NUTS levels and 2 LAU levels. The boundaries are updated yearly according to yearly changes in the territorial division of the country:

- NTS1 (= NUTS1),
- NTS2 (= NUTS2),
- NTS3 (= NUTS3),
- NTS4 (= LAU1),
- NTS5 (= LAU2).

According to the PD Technical Guidelines, the GML does not contain geometries for statistical values, only an identifier connecting the value to a corresponding unit in the Statistical Units dataset (link above).

There is however one geometry attribute in this GML: areaOfDissemination. This is a single polygon covering the whole area of dissemination. In this case it is the boundary of Poland.

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Statistics & Health

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