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INSPIRE Conference 2016 - TC #3 Workshop "Implementation and potential of INSPIRE coverage data and WCS"

Dear All,

INSPIRE Thematic Cluster #3 and EuroGeographics INSPIRE-KEN are organizing the Workshop “Implementation and potential of INSPIRE coverage data and WCS” in the INSPIRE Conference 2016, in Barcelona.

The workshop is scheduled on Friday 30th, from 9:00 to 12:30 h, at room B3 (Venue: Palau de Congressos de Catalunya).

You might find the Abstract and the Workshop description and Agenda here:


  1. Go deep into the most relevant problems related to coverage data and services implementation, from those already identified in the “Issues implementing INSPIRE Coverages” discussion paper presented in the 29th MIG-T Meeting (face-to-face) in Ispra.
  2. Promote delivery of INSPIRE coverage data through INSPIRE WCS, including and update of the new rules set up by MIWP-7b.
  3. Influence OGC in order to take into account uncovered INSPIRE requirements, based on outcome from the workshop discussion.

Workshop structure

The activity is structured in 2 sessions of 90 minutes each:

Session 1: INSPIRE Coverages and WCS – State of the Art (From 9:00 to 10:30 h)

This session is devoted to show the benefit and the potential of coverages and WCS.

Welcome (Jordi Escriu & Dominique Laurent)


  • INSPIRE-KEN & Thematic Cluster #3 activities on coverages and WCS (Dominique Laurent).
  • INSPIRE Coverages and WCS – Basic concepts & Overview of relevant implementation issues (Jordi Escriu).

The new INSPIRE WCS: Progress in MIWP-7b (Jari Reini)

Experiences and expectations on coverages, WCS and applications

  • Experience from ECMWF (Julia Wagemann).
  • Potential of WCPS - Web Coverage Processing Service (Peter Baumann)

Session 2: INSPIRE Coverages and WCS Implementation (From 11:00 to 12:30 h)

This session is more dedicated to promote active discussion on coverages and WCS implementation issues detected and initially discussed during the last year in the cluster.

Coverage standardization evolution: From GMLCOV to CIS v1.1 (Peter Baumann)

Discussion: Coverage data and service implementation (ALL)

  • How to handle the huge volume of coverage data.
  • Implementation of tiling.
  • Implementation of mosaicking.
  • INSPIRE coverage extensions vs. OGC standard coverages.
  • Purpose of metadata at coverage level: GMLCOV metadata hook.

Challenges of INSPIRE & Copernicus (Speaker to be determined by JRC)

Wrap-up & Conclusions

Hope you find this activity useful and you are able to attend.

We are looking forward to meeting and sharing with you in the INSPIRE Conference 2016!


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