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Copernicus Services (C3S-CAMS) Workshop at INSPIRE Conference (Monday 26th - 12h)

ECMWF has been entrusted by EC to run Atmospheric Monitoring (CAMS) and Copernicus Climate Change (C3S) Services.  CAMS consolidate many years of preparatory research and development in the form of the series of previous MACC projects, on the contrary Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) is still in its initial development phase. Both aims among their main objectives to provide INSPIRE Compliant Data and Services in order to enable the interoperability and reusability of shared data by a wide range of user communities across Europe.

The conceptual development of Copernicus Data, Services and Capabilities are built on the same principles than the INSPIRE Directive:

  • Designed as distributed systems in which Data is kept where it can be maintained most effectively.
  • Implemented functions and tools allow the seamless combination of information from different providers across Europe and share it with many users and applications.
  • Data available through the catalogued services is collected and shared at a wide range of levels/scales; detailed for thorough investigations, general for strategic purposes.
  • Quality Information needed for user trust and good governance will be readily and transparently available.
  • User friendly interfaces and accessible catalogues will make easy to find what information is available, how it can be used to meet a particular need, and under which conditions it can be acquired and used.

A dedicated Workshop about INSPIRE in the context of CAMS and C3S Services will be chaired by ECMWF staff during the INSPIRE Conference’2016 in Barcelona (Monday 26th from 12 to 14h). The proposed agenda includes the following presentations:

  • General Introduction to Copernicus and Services managed by ECMWF (C3S, CAMS), presented by ECMWF.
  • C3S Climate Data Store and Toolbox (global introduction), presented by ECMWF.
  • INSPIRE in the context of C3S – CDS, presented by FMI.
  • C3S - Sectoral Information Systems (Still to be confirmed), presented by ECMWF.
  • Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service, presented by ECMWF.
  • EarthServer-2 Project, presented by ECMWF.
  • INSPIRE in the Marine, Meteorological and Atmosphere Domain, presented by JRC.

Please join us!!

Thanks a lot and best regards.

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