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INSPIRE Land Cover and Land Use workshop Tuesday 27 September 9:00, INSPIRE Conference

Welcome to join the INSPIRE Land Cover and Land Use workshop at the INSPIRE Conference.

Come and hear about recent and ongoing activities which can support you in the implementation and use of INSPIRE datasets and services in the Land Cover and Land Use domain.

The workshop takes place on Tuesday 27 September 9 -10:30

  • Opening of the workshop
    Chair: Lena Hallin-Pihlatie, Facilitator of the Land Cover and Land Use Cluster
  • Copernicus Land products on their way towards INSPIRE
    Presenter: Christian Ansorge, European Environment Agency
  • ELF Land Cover Vector products
    Presenter: Teemu Saloriutta, National Land Survey of Finland
  • INSPIRE Land Cover GML dataset: validation and use
    Presenter: Stefania Morrone, Epsilon Italia
  • INSPIRE Planned Land Use as a basis for revising SOSI Planned Land Use
    Presenter: Morten Borrebaekk, Norwegian Mapping Authority              
  • Harmonising regional Land Use Plan data – the Finnish approach
    Presenter: Lena Hallin-Pihlatie, Finnish Environment Institute
  • Wrap-up and promotion of other LC/LU presentations at the INSPIRE Conference

Hope to see you there!

Land Cover & Use

Land Cover & Use

Join this group to share your knowledge, learn and collaborate in solving issues related to the Land Cover and Land Use themes
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